Termes et conditions

Terms of registration and acceptance of terms and conditions

All tradeThose who wish to participate in the Corporate Privilege Program must do so by completing the registration form at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc.
Any customer who has completed the registration form provided and on whose behalf Aubut Food Distribution Inc. has issued a Corporate Privilege Program Card participates automatically in the program.

By signing the Corporate Privilege Program registration form or using their Corporate Privilege Program Card for the first time, the business client:

Certifies that they are of legal age in their province of residence (or that they have obtained the consent of a parent or guardian); and

Certifies that he represents a business company, company or association;

Consents to Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. collecting and using personal information about him, except to the extent that it has notified us otherwise; and

Accepts the terms, rules, terms and conditions of the Corporate Privilege Program as may betmodified at any time by Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc.

The customer consents to the collection and use of personal information concerning him within the limits of the rules set by Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. regarding the protection of personal information and confidentiality. (See the privacy section below for more information).

Regulations, terms and conditions

The following rules, terms and conditions apply to the Aubut Food Distribution Inc. Loyalty Program, (hereinafter referred to as the "Corporate Privilege Program") and provide relevant information regarding the terms of registration, the collection and redemption of Aubut rebates, as well as various other aspects of the program.

Any use of his Corporate Privilege Program Card under this program implies that the customer has read these rules and that he accepts each of the terms and conditions described below.

In the application of this program, the term "client" or "contractor" refers to any person in whose name a Corporate Privilege Program Card has been issued by Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc.

Accumulation of Aubut rebates

The holder of a Corporate Privilege Program Card accumulates Aubut rebates on the neck of any purchase concluded at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. with the exception of purchases of wine, beer, bottle deposit, taxes on products and services or any other excluded items that may beas determined from time to time by Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc.

Starting at $10,000 each dollar of eligible purchase of the customer excluding the exceptions mentioned above at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. is equivalent to one ($0.01).

Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. may, at its sole discretion and according to specific scales, grant from time to time, additional Aubut discounts when purchasing certain products or for special periods and various promotional operations. These additional Aubut rebates will be the subject of a specific communication on our website, and/or in store and/or in a circular of Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. Promotions of additional discounts on specified products are not applicable on purchases carried to the customer account.

To obtain Aubut rebates, it is the customer's responsibility to present their Privilege Program Card at the checkout at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. at any time before the transaction closes.

The balance of the Aubut rebates accumulated in each client's file may betConsulted at all times by the customer holding a Corporate Privilege Program Card by consulting his cash register coupon when making a purchase. The customer will find the cumulative of his Aubut rebates as of the last update. If he believes that the Aubut rebate balance does not correspond to what is indicated on the coupon, he must notify Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. by letter, mail ([email protected]) or in store within thirty (30) days of the date indicated on the coupon.

There is a limit of $2000.00 Aubut rebate that a customer can accumulate. The shelf life of Aubut rebates is 2 years. And it can be used from December 1 of the current year to March 1 of the following year.

In the event of a server or network failure, the Corporate Privilege Program Card will not be able totre used for the accumulation of Aubut rebates.

Use of Aubut rebates

Aubut rebates will be used as a method of payment when purchasing merchandise from Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. To benefit from this advantage, the customer must present his Privilege Program Card at the checkout before the end of the transaction.

Aubut rebates may not betredeemed for cash and have no cash value. Nor can they be used to pay off a credit card balance. The amount of Aubut rebates exchanged may not exceed the amount of the transaction to which they apply; Thus, no cash back will be made.

All purchases made with the Privilege Program Card will be subject to a check of the balance of the rebate which must betre sufficient to permit the use of these as a method of payment.

When merchandise is returned, credited or refunded to Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc., Aubut rebates granted at the time of purchase will be deducted from the total credited to the customer's account. The Privilege Program Card must therefore betrepresented.

If Aubut rebates are used to make a purchase and that purchase is cancelled, the Aubut rebates used will be re-posted to the account and cannot betre reimbursed in cash. The Corporate Privilege Program Card must beavailable for the transaction.

Disposal of rebates

In the event of the closure of a business, the membership and rebates accumulated in his file may betransferred to another company designated by his estate and will be subject to the samehe conditions of accumulation.

If a customer's Privilege Program Card has not been used for more than twelve (12) months, a notice will be sent by email only indicating that the card must betused within the next six (6) months. Following the expiry of this period or his Privilege Program Card or does not make new purchases, then all Aubut discounts accumulated on file will be automatically canceled without compensation within ten (10) days following one of the two (2) contingencies.

Lost or stolen card

In the event of loss or theft of your Privilege Program Card, the cardholder is responsible for immediately notifying Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. Accumulated and unused Aubut rebates will be automatically transferred to your new file when a new card has been issued. In both cases, the card replacement fee is $10.00.

Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. cannot beheld responsible for transactions made to the account between the time the card was lost or stolen and the time when Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. was notified.

Program Violation or Fraud

Any case of fraud or abuse by the customer in connection with the program, as well as any case of false information provided by the customer or non-compliance with the conditions by the customer may result in the cancellation of the Privilege Program Card and accumulated Aubut discounts.

If Aubut Food Distribution Inc. cancels the customer's membership for a reasonable reason such as cheating, abuse, embezzlement, card skimming or any other unacceptable practice not authorized by Aubut Food Distribution Inc., the customer's Aubut discounts will be automatically canceled without notice.

Program Modification or Discontinuance

Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. reserves the right to cancel the program at any time or to modify its components in whole or in part without notice, including the method of accumulation of Aubut rebates as well as the products and services offered in return.

If the program ends or is suspended while the cardholder still holds Aubut rebates on the end date of the program or its suspension, the cardholder will have six (6) months to exchange them for products and services offered by Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. Beyond this period, Aubut discounts will be automatically cancelled.

The Privilege Program Card is the property of Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. and musttre returned on request.

General information

The terms and conditions of application of this program are subject to the laws and regulations in force in the province of the Privilege Program Card holder as well as those of Canada. In the event that any of the provisions contained herein are declared invalid or illegal, such provision or part thereof shall bedeemed unwritten and the other provisions contained herein remain in full force and effect.

Any enquiries regarding the program should betsent to Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. by e-mail ([email protected]), by mail to the attention of the program administrator or in store.

In the event that events beyond the control of Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. (fortuitous events, natural disasters, civil unrest, wars or significant changes in economic or commercial conditions) seriously compromise the will of Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. to maintain the program as it was then constituted, the program may bemay be suspended or abolished in whole or in part and accrued rebates may be cancelled without notice and may not be cancelled re-exchanged or subsequently transferred.

Taxes and taxes

Federal or provincial taxes (including personal income taxes) that may become payable in respect of the accumulation or exchange of patronage dividends will be borne by the client.


Personal information collected as part of the Corporate Privilege Program will only be used by Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc.; they will not be sold or rented to other companies or organizations. This information is necessary for the administration of the program and allows Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. to manage the account of program participants and update the balance of rebates obtained by the member, to process the redemptions of rebates and to grant rewards and privileges to the holder of the Privilege Program Card, in order to better understand the needs and preferences of members and to improve the services offered to Distribution customers. Aubut Food Inc. Personal information about members is considered an asset related to the rewards card program and in the event of the sale or transfer of title to Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc., this information will be transferred as one of the assets of Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc.

However, Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. may and must, when legally required, transmit any information about the discounts granted to customers, in particular to the competent tax authorities, if applicable.

The information communicated to Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. during membership may also beUsed to communicate with cardholders to inform them of upcoming events, special offers or exclusive promotions. If you do not wish to receive communications from Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc., please inform Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. by email ([email protected]), by mail to the attention of the program administrator or in store. Aubut Food Distribution Inc. records must include a valid address for each registrant so that program information can besent to the correct address. In the event of a change of address, the holder must notify Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. of his new contact information. Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. cannotbeheld responsible if the holder does not receive the communication sent or if said communication is receivedat the last minute or after the announced event.

Limitation of Liability

Any cardholder releases Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc., its affiliated partners and its respective officers or directors from any other tortious or contractual liability that may arise directly or indirectly from the Privilege Program or your membership in the program and that is not specifically provided for herein.

March 2023

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