Never TOO MUCH employee benefits

Join a stimulating and diverse family

Boost your career in a growing business! Do you have a team spirit and enjoy challenges? Welcome to Aubut! Friendly and constantly evolving company, we are always looking for motivated candidates to enlarge our team!

8 good reasons to join our team

  • Develop your skills with free training
  • Benefit from a 10% discount on warehouse products
  • Receive 100$ for the purchase of steel cap shoes
  • Have the opportunity to join the RRSP group plan
  • Participate in a seniority recognition program
  • Benefit from a group insurance plan (life, travel, etc.)
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule
  • Get a 15% discount on a gym membership
Carrière Aubut

Never too many good thoughts

Aubut is a family business which has grown over time. There is a “special” bond between family members, employees and customers. I had never worked in a place where everybody is so close and genuine. It’s nice to work in an atmosphere like that. I am always happy to spend my days with all these beautiful people.

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Jennie Parisé
Office clerk

What I especially like about my job is the diversity of my tasks and the flexibility of my schedules. The workplace is also very family friendly and all relationships with superiors are very pleasant.

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Cherlée Gabriel

Teamwork is very pleasant. There is a friendly atmosphere between everybody and we tend to help one another. What I especially like is the possibility to continuously work on new challenges. Our work days are very enriching and stimulating.

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Michael Carter
Fruits & vegetables team leader

The pleasant atmosphere and the open-mindedness that exists within our team are precious assets. We feel appreciated and we feel that our work is perceived at its fair value.

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Charles-Antoine Laurin
Customer service clerk

I like the closeness that exists between bosses and employees. You don't feel a sense of superiority and your role is valued, like anybody else. It’s a family business where you can easily find your place.

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Eric Bisaillon

The working atmosphere is pleasant, I really appreciate being able to work in a friendly and family environment. The customers are courteous and genuine and the team is very welcoming.

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Alexandra Servant

Unity of a team, the strength of a company

Unity of a team, the strength of a company

Friendly atmosphere. Within our team, you will find a very warm working atmosphere, where communication is always privileged. Supervisors are very accessible and listen to everyone's advice. We encourage teamwork and make sure to keep a friendly atmosphere where everyone can easily find their place.

Year round activities. While we always strive to give the best of ourselves at work, we also give great importance to the team bonding moments that we all share together. Thus, we organize various activities such as our annual sugar shack, a Christmas dinner, bowling outings, and more!

Rewards. At Aubut, we want the commitment and involvement of our employees to be rewarded. Thus, each month, one employee per branch is chosen for their marked efforts and can benefit from a day of paid leave.

Skills development and advancement opportunities

Training to surpass yourself. At Aubut, we always encourage the desire to learn and evolve. We offer training for employees willing to develop their skills, so that they can progress and learn to keep their team as up-to-date and efficient as possible.

Competitive wages. In order to value the efforts of our employees, we want everyone's work to be fairly rewarded. As soon as you join our team, you will benefit from a competitive salary and will be able to take advantage of several wage increases during your first year of service.

Recognition. Any contribution to Aubut's success must be rewarded. We have created a recognition program which underlines commitment and loyalty of employees. Thus, in June and December, a lump sum is paid according to the number of years of seniority of each employee.


Great protection for our employees

Group Insurance. Since we are committed to providing a great quality of life to our employees, we offer group insurance which includes life insurance, disability insurance, travel insurance, dental & health care, and many more.

Join the RRSP group plan All of our employees can benefit from the RRSP group plan in order to save money. It allows each and every one of our employees to ensure a financial security for their future and carry out their life plans.

Flexible work schedule

Flexible hours. While we always strive to give the best of ourselves at work, we are also committed to maintain a good work-life balance. Indeed, each employee has the possibility to adjust their schedules as it best suits them in order to maintain a good quality of life.

Discount on gym memberships. As an Aubut employee, you can benefit from a 15% discount on registration at Énergie Cardio center to maintain your fitness on a daily basis. You can also take advantage of a 15% discount at Zéro Gravité, a climbing and yoga center.

Discounts on our products. All our employees have the privilege to benefit from a 10% discount on all our products sold in our warehouse, except alcoholic drinks and fresh meat.