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Come and get supplies on site from our warehouse at a lower cost. Qualified staff is always available to help you.

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Car service

One of our agents will help you or load your order into your vehicle himself. This service is offered completely free of charge.

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Ordering special products

If we don't have a product you want, just ask one of our clerks to order it for you.

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Large quantity of special products

It is possible to order a large quantity of a product. The staff will be happy to serve you.

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Payment method

Cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard.

Payment method
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Order preparation

Fill your online basket with all your favorite products and have your order prepared for delivery or in-store pickup.

Aubut Laval
In-store pickup and delivery

Aubut Montréal
Pick up in store only

Corporate Reward Program

  • 1% discount on your purchases once you reach a 10,000$ purchase total.
  • No discount limit
  • Be the first one informed of our news and promotions!
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