A variety of specialty markets for the greatest satisfaction of our clients

Our goal: to provide you with a wide variety of specialized quality products that will meet the needs of your most loyal customers.

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Golfs, campings and BBQ

Aubut is the supplier of choice for golf, campings and BBQs. On-the-go healthy snacks so you can enjoy your summer activities!

Food services and institutions

Do you cook large batches at a time? No problem, we have everything you need for your kitchen. Specialized equipment for large spaces, fresh and dry ingredients, we’ve got it all!

Distributors, grocery stores and convenience stores

Your customers are loyal to you because you provide them exceptional service. Let us help you perfectionate your offer with our different ranges of specialized products.

Associations, organizations and NPOs

Your mission is to give back to your community and we are more than happy to help you hit your goals! We have everything you need to keep on helping, supporting and caring for your community.

Residences and clinics

Our mission is to facilitate the work of health professionals by providing them with quality equipment and products adapted to their reality, at competitive prices!

Breweries, bars, taverns and clubs

Whether it's to celebrate or simply to relax and unwind, your customers come back to your establishment for the festive and jovial atmosphere. At Aubut, you will find glassware, disposable products and all the ingredients needed to create this festive atmosphere!

Festivals and events

Whether it's a one-time celebration or a recurring event during the year, you'll find all your favorite products year-round in one of our two warehouse grocery stores.

Butchers, bakeries, fruit shops, cheese shops and fish shops

Optimize your offer with our specialized products. We have everything you need. If you need a hard-to-find product, our team will find a solution!

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