Corporate Reward Program

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Aubut Food Distribution Inc. wishes to express its gratitude to their loyal customers. Through our Corporate Reward Program, we would like to directly thank all those who have enabled Distribution Alimentaire Aubut inc. to thrive since 1971. The Corporate Reward Program card is not a credit card. The Program allows members to get a cash back percentage for every dollar spent in our stores. This discount can be exchanged and used as a method of payment for merchandise, gift cards or any other rewards inherent in the Corporate Reward Program.

How to join our Corporate Reward Program

Easy and quick registration, you just need to present these documents online or in store.

  • Merchants : Any merchant who wishes to participate in the Corporate Privilege Program must do so by filling out the registration form at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut inc. and present proof of identity to our store or online.
  • Membership: Go to the store and complete the registration form with proof of identity or register online.

For all the terms and conditions that apply to the loyalty program Aubut Food Distribution Inc. consult regulations, terms and conditions.

Any use of a client's Corporate Reward Program card implies that he has read these regulations and that he accepts each and every terms and conditions described.

Advantages of the Corporate Reward Program

From a total purchase amount of 10,000$, every additional dollar spent is eligible

The holder of a Corporate Reward Program card accumulates Aubut discounts on the cost of any purchase made by debit card concluded at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut inc.

  • With the exception of wine, beer, bottle deposit, product and service taxes or all other excluded items that may be determined from time to time by Distribution Alimentaire Aubut inc.
  • Cash and credit card purchases are not accounted in the Corporate Reward Program.
  • With 10,000$ of eligible customer purchase (excluding all exceptions mentioned above at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc.), client receives 1% of his purchases. Ex: If a client purchases 10,000$ in a 12 month period, he receives 1%, which corresponds to 100.00$

Limit to the discounts available through the Corporate Reward Program

To obtain Aubut rebates, it is the customer's responsibility to present their Corporate Privilege Program Card during a transaction at the cash register at Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc. at any time before the closing of said transaction.

• There is a rebate limit of $2000.00 per year, the lifetime of Aubut rebates is 2 years.

• The balance of Aubut rebates is accumulated in your customer file and can be consulted at any time by the holder of the Corporate Privilege Program Card by consulting their receipt when making a purchase.


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