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All non-perishable essentials for your pantry

Pantry Ingredients for cooking and preparation, canned foods, cereals, spices, oils, pasta, rice, beans, etc.

Bars, beers and wines Wines, cocktails, beers, ciders, etc.

Juices and drinks Coffees, teas, juices, soft drinks, soy, almond drinks, etc.

A variety of fresh and frozen foods to the satisfaction of your customers

Fruits and vegetables Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, etc.

Dairy products and eggs Milks, creams, butters, eggs, yogurts, cheeses, desserts, etc.

Meats and cold meats Beef, poultry, prepared meat, marinated meat, etc.

Fish and seafood Fresh fish, fresh seafood, etc.

Breads and pastries Fresh breads, baguettes, packaged breads, pastries, desserts, etc.

Frozen products Appetizers, bakery, ice cream, fish, meat, pizza, etc.

Packaging and kitchen items for all your food

Ready to eat Anti-fog packaging, salad container, take-out container, cup holders, etc.

Meat counter and frozen products Fresh protein packaging, containing whole chicken, 'motherbag' film, etc.

Fruit and vegetable counter Vegetable and vegetable packaging, vegetable packaging, ventilated packaging for tomatoes, strawberry container, mushroom container, herbal container, etc.

Bakery and pastry counter Pastry and bakery packaging, bulk with attached lid, bulk with resealable lid, etc.

Kitchen items and accessories Cutlery, utensils, dishes, pots, etc.

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