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Local and imported products with multiple flavors

Local products Cheeses, lamb, pork, jams, flours, spices.

Import products Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, etc.

A wide variety of fresh and local groceries

Fruits and vegetables Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, etc.

Dairy products and eggs Milks, creams, butters, eggs, yogurts, cheeses, desserts, etc.

Meats and cold meats Beef, poultry, prepared meat, marinated meat, etc.

Fish and seafood Fresh fish, fresh seafood, etc.

Breads and pastries Fresh breads, baguettes, packaged breads, pastries, desserts, etc.

Frozen products Appetizers, bakery, ice cream, fish, meat, pizza, etc.

Everything you need for your vending machines

Treats Cotton candy, gum balls, chocolate bars, etc.

Snacks Yogurts, energy bars, breakfast bars, etc.

Nuts Mix of nuts, cashews, walnuts, etc.

Spring water Natural spring water, carbonated with lemon, etc.

Juices and energy drinks Lemonade, cranberry juice, energy drink, etc.

Coffee Organic coffee, decaffeinated, espresso, etc.

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