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Our warehouse store has more than 400 specialized products for dairy bars available in store.

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All your favorite foods available year-round

Ice cream Regular, vegan, lactose free, soft and hard. From Classic Vanilla to Eccentric Bubble Gum, find all your favorite ice cream flavours!

Variety of cones Regular, embossed, small and large. We have all sizes and formats of cones to satisfy your customers.

Garnitures et confiseries Over 50 toppings and sweets available: Oreo, Skor, Dulce de Leche, cotton candy. All you have to do is create!

Frozen fruits and purees More than 40 purees and frozen fruits: acai berry, gooseberry, lychee. Fruits that will make your mouth water!

Sirops et barbotines More than 40 syrups and slushies for you to discover. Flavors that will refresh your customers during this summer heat waves!


A wide variety of dairy bar items

Accessories for dairy bars The artist in you must be well equipped. The best ingredients and creative ideas cannot replace the power of an array of accessories!

Packaging and containers The most beautiful creations deserve the most beautiful containers. Stand out with our eco-friendly containers or bring the classics of the good old days back into fashion!

Cleaning products Find all the essentials to descale your machines, shine your counters or simply maintain a hygienic and safe working environment at all times!


A team dedicated to your special requests

Our specialists advise you on the new trends in your industry.

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